Songwriter and guitarist, David Scheibner has been a working composer in the entertainment industry for over 25 years. Wrote hit songs for the '80s group "Little River Band, and co-wrote the theme song for Disney's "Totally Minnie" TV show. In 1989 David wrote the theme tune for "Glory Days" a TV series starring Brad Pitt.

In the early 1990's David decided to start his own independent recording company and produced albums for a number of artists including Karen Lehner's "The Heart of Us All" which was released in 1994 and received a "Pop Critics' Choice" award from Billboard magazine.

Since 1996, David has worked for Paramount composing for shows such as Entertainment Tonight, A&E Biography and has also composed many pieces for numerous TV shows ("ED") and movies of the week.

David now lives and works in Nashville, where he is pursuing other projects.


A good friend and writing partner of David's, Jim brought a whole new air of expertise to this project through his sound and music production skills. Working out of his state of the art recording studio in Los Angeles, Jim not only brought all the elements of the ZENITH soundtrack together but also added a level of quality not usually seen in independent documentary features.

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